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Affiliate marketing referrals

Many online companies have got referral programs which give you the opportunity to earn income by referring affiliates to their programs. There are programs who pay a flat rate and there are programs who pay a percentage of the commission earned by the affiliate that you've referred. Both opportunities can give you a big raise in your monthly income.

Here's how Affiliate Bidding can help you in referring affiliates :

Programs you're familiar with
  • Refer affiliates who already have traffic in a certain niche to the programs you're familiair with so you can start earning instantly.
  • Build a network of referred affiliates around different programs to raise your recurring (passive) income.
  • Offer your marketing knowledge of programs that work well to refer the best suitable webmasters and earn more.
  • Make deals with webmasters for referring and for getting referred to the most stable and profitable programs around.
Programs that are not in your niche
  • Offer affiliates who are looking for new opportunities in certain niches to sign up through you for the best paying programs.
  • Make deals with affiliates for referring you to profitable programs.
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